• Japanese sashimi on a plate.
  • Pomegranate with rice on a wooden plate.


About us

WANO: Tokyo Restaurant Factory Co., Ltd., which acquired a Michelin star at AMANE in New York, has launched a new concept called "WANO.” WANO embodies "the enjoyment, allure, of delicious Japanese cuisine.  Through the cooperation of Naoyuki Honda, a food producer who has enabled Japanese chefs to succeed worldwide, and under the leadership of Hiroshi Sato, owner and chef of "Hakkoku," who is hailed as the next-generation top sushi chef in Japan, WANO will showcase a menu developed by Chef Sato. The restaurant will combine a new interior design and ambiance with music that enhances the Japanese food scene in New York.

Hiroyuki Sato, born in 1978 in Tokyo, took a leap into the world of sushi at the age of 25 and has since become an unconventional figure gaining attention in the sushi industry. After gaining valuable experience at Maguro Wholesaler "Yamayuki" and working closely with "Osaki Yukitaka," he took on the role of head chef at "Sushi Tokami" in Ginza in March 2013. With his dedication to quality maguro (tuna) and unique red vinegar shari (sushi rice), he garnered a coveted Michelin star in six months.

Hakkoku" in Ginza, known for his expertise in maguro, have collaborated to create the exceptional "Tossaki" menu. You can now savor this extraordinary dish at WANO, a New Japanese restaurant in New York City. "Tossaki" refers to the part near the head of the maguro, a rare and highly prized cut that is not commonly found in the market. It is a highly flavorfull due to its active muscle movement. Combined with our perfectly balanced shari (sushi rice) made with a blend of red vinegars and wrapped in the finest seaweed, "Tossaki" becomes the ultimate delicacy that scintillates the tastebuds of anyone tasting it. This marks the debut of “Tossaki” in the United States. An absolute “must try,” only at WANO!